Corporate Social Responsibility

Though the solutions provided at Ulaginoli Energy Solutions are motivated towards a social cause, Ulaginoli Energy Solutions extends its arms in following certain socially responsible practices which makes it to contribute towards the harmony of the global environment.

Use of Recycled Papers

"Ulaginoli Energy Solutions' single-minded effort towards delivering sustainable, green and energy efficient solutions does not stop with its one stop energy services for customers. A conscious effort to use eco-friendly products for the day-to-day business needs has been taken. Ranging from business cards to company brochure, recycled paper is used in all the business transactions, marking the first step towards reducing the company's carbon footprint"

Through the use of recycled papers, Ulaginoli makes its contribution in saving our valuable natural resources, energy, trees and carbon foot prints.

Though, recycled papers are expensive today and is not very easy to get, Ulaginoli has made it a policy to use only recycled papers for its business transactions.

Free Energy Saving Tips for Home

To create awareness among the household segments about the energy crisis and the importance of energy conservation, Ulaginoli Energy Solutions has set up Educational Outlets (part of the regional outlets), where people can visit the outlet and learn about various energy saving measures for home at free of cost.

Each Educational outlet has a technical advisor who explains the various energy saving measures for homes. Pamphlets on the various energy saving measures can be obtained at the Educational Outlets for reference.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 August 2011 05:13