Solar Rooftop Solutions

The Solar modules has to placed facing south in a shadow free region. The rooftops of buildings may be of different type like RCC flat roof, slated roof, etc. based on the type of rooftop, the mounting of solar modules has to be planned and appropriate mounting structures has to be deployed.

Flat Rooftop

The installation of solar modules in a flat rooftop is quite easier when compared to a slanted one. The Module are erected on a mounting structure that are designed for the flat rooftop. The legs or supporting structures are mostly surrounded and supported by a concrete block so as to to withstand any natural calamities.

Slant Rooftop

The mounting of solar modules on slant roof involves lot of safety measures. The module mounting structure has to be designed based in the slant rooftop. The slant rooftop should be able to withstand the weight of the solar modules. Prior to the commencement of project, profile of the sheet would be collected so as to prevent any mishap in the future.