At Ulaginoli, the people who work with us are the backbone behind our successful growth. They help us deliver innovative, sustainable, green and energy efficient solutions. The work at Ulaginoli is a learning experience through solving professional challenges in a fast paced dynamic world. If you are interested just e-mail your resume, with a statement of purpose (S.O.P.) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Job Categories

At Ulaginoli, openings are available on periodical basis for experts from both technical and management fields. Please check this page for latest job openings.

A. Technical

  • Engineers / Diploma Holders / I.T.I. Candidates (No Current Vacancy)

    Engineering graduates with Electrical/Electronics/Civil/Mechanical background, interested in working in a challenging environment and able to adapt themselves as per the dynamic requirements of the industry.

  • Energy Auditors (No Current Vacancy)

    Energy Auditors certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (B.E.E.), with rich experience in electrical, thermal, air and power quality audits. Energy Auditors are expected to send their certification details along with their resumes and SOP.

  • Green Building Consultants (No Current Vacancy)

    Green Building Consultants, certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) or United States Green Building Council (USGBC), with a thorough knowledge about the various rating systems at International level. Green Building Consultants are expected to send their certification details along with their resumes and SOP.

B. Management

  • Consultative Sales

    Engineering graduates with Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical background orĀ MBA graduates or PGDM holders, interested in field sales profile can apply. Candidates without background in engineering/management, but interested in field sales profile can also apply.

C. Internships

  • Digital Marketing

    The digital marketing intern should be be able to create technical contents, images, write blog posts, run email and social media campaign. The candidate should also be proficient in Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Consultative Sales

    The consultative salesĀ intern should create a database of prospects, fix appointments with them and make sales. Based on performance, the intern may be promoted to a full time consultative sales job.

  • Curriculum Oriented

    Engineering or management students interested in doing internship as a part of their course curriculum. Please attach the bona fide certificate along with the resume and Statement of Purpose (S.O.P.).

Why work at Ulaginoli?

At Ulaginoli, we always believe in the people who work with us. The people at Ulaginoli enjoy a great degree of freedom and are involved in decision making processes. The people are aware of the global energy crisis and strive hard to contribute their best to solve the global energy crisis, thus being a socially responsible citizen.

Salient Features

  • Work in an innovative filed
  • Great learning experience
  • Friendly and entrepreneurial environment
  • High potential to grow
  • Competitive pay and benefits